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Fear knocked at the door, a German Shepherd answered.......the end

                                                                                                                                                                                               - K9 Marko                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Contact us if you wish to use either one of these beautiful males for stud service.


​Euphoricfx  Ezekiel  z Canczech  (Zeke)



 Zeke is our Fifth (5th) Generation Movie/TV dog, a powerful male with stunning color and amazing agility.

Video Zeke doing bite work;

Zeke has Sired Three litters and produces intelligent, agile and powerful pups.


In 2017 Zeke's pup "ACE"  fulfilled his destiny by becoming our Sixth (6th) Generation  Movie/TV dog.

Appearing in the popular TV Series "Frequency"

 Both Ace's Sire ...Zeke and his Uncle Slater  also appear regularly in the same TV Series.


Ace was named after the Real Life -  Police Service Dog Ace, portrayed by his Great Grandfather Solo, in the Movie "Ace of Hearts"

 Pictured below is Zeke's Famous Grandfather, Canczech Solo, seen here relaxing on the set of the movie "Ace of Hearts" with owner/handler Tony Nikl.

An amazing dog, spoken of often and fondly by those fortunate to have worked with him.

Missed Greatly by both of his Families

 Zekes famous Grandfather, Canczechs Solo, seen here relaxing on the set of the movie





XLY z Canczech (Sly)

XLY z Canczech (Sly)


Sly is a powerful and courageous working dog, son of the famous Corado z Vetrovej Lu'ky and Grandson of the equally famous Hoky va Pe.

Sly is proven to pass on the same genetics to his offspring and has Sired numerous litters of pups.

References Available 

 A young Sly doing bite work


Below, Sly's first helicopter ride at 9 weeks of age.

Sly's first helicopter ride at 9 weeks of age